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Frequently asked questions

Where will my session take place?
Must I be completely undressed?
Will the practitioner be present when I disrobe?
Will I be covered during the session?
Will I need to do anything on my own at home, to resolve my issue?
Do you treat children?
Can you come to my home?

Where will my sessions take place?
My office has a private room for sessions. The area is separated with a full length curtain..

Must I be completely undressed?

Most of our modalities do not require you to remove any clothing.

Some modalities, such as cupping and laser treatments will require partial removal of clothing. Cupping is used to loosen the facia from underlying muscle tissue, cold laser is used to stimulate cells, both can only be performed on bare skin..

Will the practitioner be present when I disrobe?
No. There is a full-length curtain that separates my desk area from the table area. If a modality requires disrobing I wait at my desk until you are covered and ready. I do not enter the area behind the curtain until you specify you are ready for me to do so.

Will I be covered during the session?
Yes. Private and Trunk areas are completely covered and remain covered. Limbs are exposed as needed for work, If work needs to be done on the back area, then it is the only area exposed..

Will I need to do anything at home, to resolve my issue?

Acute conditions can generally be cleared up in 2 to 4 visits and generally do not need any "at home" instructions to see progress and resolution of a health issue.

Chronic conditions, on the other hand, have been present and worsening for long periods of time. They may require dietary changes or exercises that you will need to continue doing at home between visits. Sometimes we may suggest oils or herbs that can treat your issues. These may speed up your recovery time.

Exercises and food suggestions are available for download, in most cases, right here on the site.

Forms that are absolutely necessary for you to fill out to be able to have a session are:

Client Intake Form
Chief Complaint Sheet
Health History
List of Medications
All Release Forms must have a signature and date

How much information you provide is at your discretion, however, the more information we have, the better we are able to help you. If we do not have a record of medication information, only essential oils will be used in sessions. If the SMT consent form is not signed, we cannot use that modality in the session.

Do you treat children?

I do not treat infant to 2 years old, as my specialty is in chronic pain and chronic conditions. 

From ages 3-7 - I can examine them, give you an assessment, and help with research on treating their issues. Being able to treat them depends largely on the issue, if the child is able to sit still for a session, and if I feel the modalities I use can be of any benefit to them. Children in this age range are treated for free.
From ages 8-13  can be treated if we feel that the modalities offered would benefit them. This can be determined at the initial assessment. Children in this age range are treated for free.
From ages 14-17 can be treated.  Children in this age range are treated at half price.

Guidelines for the treatment of minors are as follows: A parent or guardian must accompany a child for their appointment, and be present inside the treatment room for the session.

Can you come to my home?

For a group of 5 (minimum) or more people I will travel to your location for a nominal fee dependent on distance (typically $25 to $40).  For client that does not provide a 24 hour advanced notice for a cancellation, there will be a $35 fee.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for sexual harassment.

My practice is my livelihood, it is my mission in life, and we take our profession seriously.

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