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AcuGraph what is it?

The AcuGraph digital imagining system is a computerized tool we use to analyze and document the energetic neural pathways in the body and current energy levels. Your practitioner will use the system in a short examination by touching a probe Involving electrical currents on specific areas of the hands and feet showing us what neural-pathways are properly functioning, overworking, and preforming at a deficient rate than should be normal. each exam is recorded and allows us to have a running history to show you the progress of your treatment. The examination causes no pain or discomfort and will treat the points examined.

What does this chart mean?

When we finish the exam a chart of your energetic neural-pathways is displayed. As you can see above, there are different colors to the graph. Green means the neural-pathways are functioning at an optimal level. Red indicates they are overworking. The Blue indicates a neural-pathway that is under performing. Purple shows us a energetic pathway is overworking to receive a function and under preforming to deliver a function. When there is a statistically significant difference between the right and left readings on a given energetic pathway, that pathway is considered “Split” and will be given special treatment. If a energetic-pathway is split, it will not be displayed in any other way, even if it would otherwise be considered excessive, deficient, or normal. A split condition ( purple ) takes precedence over other considerations for any given pathway. 

Many people are generally very curious as to what energetic pathways are and what functions they preform in the body. To provide deeper understanding of what electrical impulses are in the body. We will explain below the heart function of the Right Atrium and what electrical impulses assist in it's normal function and what causes can occur from a overworking and a underperforming function.

These examples in no way reflect the results of a AcuGraph examination. This system does not diagnose heart or other serious conditions. The statements below are only used as a example of electrical impulses in the body with blockages, and cases of over and under preforming functions.

The normal heart beat begins in the sinus node, located near the top of the right atrium. This electrical impulse spreads over the atrium, causing the atria to contract to pump the blood into the ventricles. But for the atrial impulse to get to the ventricles, it must go through the AV node and the HIS Bundle.The electrical impulse then travels down the bundle branches to the ventricular muscles, causing them to contract, producing a heartbeat that pumps the blood to the body.
Example of normal function

After the AV node, comes the left and right bundle branches, very important electrical relays that are the final pathways to signal the ventricles to beat.  A slowdown or block in this part of the conduction system can lead to a serious condition and might require a pacemaker.
Example of deficient (underperforming function)

Tachycardia refers to a situation where the pulse is faster than 100 beats per minute (bpm). Sometimes this is absolutely normal. For instance, with exercise it is entirely appropriate for the pulse to rise above 100 bpm. However, when tachycardia occurs at rest, it can sometimes indicate a serious condition and a cardiologist may need to determine the specific cause.
Example of excess (over working function)


What does my P.I.E. score mean?
Your P.I.E. score includes a complete analysis of all your energetic neural-pathways and reflects the overall health of your bodies systems. A perfect score of 100 reflects complete balance and unimpeded flow of your bodies pathway signals. A lower score means there are various imbalances that you and your practitioner should address together.Within the P.I.E. (Personal Integrated Energetics) chart, each wedge of the circle represents one pathway. Those shown in darker green are balanced and functioning properly.
Other colors represent the imbalances in your body

The primary goal of treatment utilizing the AcuGraph system is to restore energetic balance and proper flow of these pathways, to assist your body in functioning normally and return you to a healthier state naturally.

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