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What is mobilization therapy?

Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy

Scandinavian Medical Manual Therapy Technique is based upon the Swedish system of Naprapathic Manual Medicine as taught at the Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden. SMT is an evidence based system of manual therapy and medicine and focuses on gentle and progressive mobilization of joints and their connective tissues such as ligaments.

The purpose of Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy is to provide corrective and restorative movement to soft tissue and joint structures that have lost normal function due to injury or disease. Healthy joints should exhibit normal range of motion, not demonstrate the signs of inflammation, and be pain free. The gentle mobilizations and passive movements of Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy are focused on the restoration of normal joint function, range of motion, the elimination of inflammation, as well as, reducing and/or normalizing edema and pain

Scandinavian Mobilization Therapy has been developed, systematized, and organized by Dr. Gregory T. Lawton, D.N., D.C., D.Ac., a licensed naprapath, chiropractor, and medical acupuncturist. Dr. Lawton has worked in the field of manual therapy and mobilization techniques, procedures, and treatment protocols since the 1970's

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