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AcuMyo Therapy is a evidence based treatment utilizing rapid high frequency point percussion, low level laser and micropoint stimulation on hyperesthesia and trigger points. Inducing lager amounts of stimuli (signals) into mechanoreceptors in a brief time. Which has a greater rate of stimulation then needling or simple acupressure as a method of manual therapy.

Utilizing advanced technologies our treatments are clean, and non-invasive. Which eliminates the risk of damaging nerves, with RHFPP there is no tissue damage and no concern of cross infection or spreading blood borne diseases.

AcuMyo Therapy exceeds acupuncture needling in it capabilities as it treats reflex points in the body and focuses treatment of fascia and fascial planes in the human body.

Fascia strands/sheets can rarely be imaged, it is essentially invisible to imaging techniques such as a MRI scan. Fascial adhesions are often diagnostically confused with myositis, tendonitis/tendinosis, bursitis or other connective tissue disorders. Fascia is important in the treatment of tendinomuscular pathways and superficial hyperesthesia. Fascia is the most common type of connective tissue in the body. The fascial system connects every part of the body, to every other part of the body. Fascia injury and treatment is not, and has not been, a focus of medicine.Injuries to fascia are not obvious and are overshadowed by injuries to other connective tissue structures such as bone, muscle and tendons.

Typical diagnosis of a "pulled" or torn muscle is usually injured fascia. Low back pain, with or without, disc herniation or rupture, can be caused by fascia injury. In the treatment of fascia injury, tenderness, pain and adhesions, the tissue must be stretched beyond the mechanical threshold. However if the fascia is over stretched the result is more damage. Aggressive treatment or manipulation of fascia can damage the tissue and exacerbate fascial injury and symptoms

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