Neuromuscular Wellness
Employee appreciation events

Employee appreciation events are a great gift to employees during a health and safety event, or small businesses wanting to gift a limited number of employees with on-site chair massage sessions.

Below we will answer the most frequently asked questions, explain the costs, and why they differ from corporate wellness programs.

Price for corporate health and safety fairs, or large corporate entities looking to hire for the day costs - $500.00 Per Therapist.

Price for small businesses, with minimal employees, which generally takes half a day costs - $280.00 Per Therapist.


Why Choose Us?

We have over ten years experience in our respective profession, including four years experience working weekly with The Tire Rack in South bend IN. We always aim to maintain a high standard of professionalism and ethics when dealing with anyone. May it be a business establishment or a single individual, our best is always given forward. We believe we have established in that ten years a high quality reputation through reviews and word of mouth. We also have long standing relationships with others in the health care field and those within our community. After several years in business we are fully confident in our ability to provide you with quality service and care. 

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